Sightseeing in Subterranea!

Sightseeing in Subterranea!

July 8th, 2015



Wow, ever feel like you’ve been so immersed in work that it’s like you’re some kind of weird animal that lives in the dark in an unmarked underground tunnel? Yeah, neither have we! ha ha. What the hell guys? Last I checked life is an adventure so please don’t say you’ve buried your head in the sand. Unless it’s pristine white sand on a tropical beach somewhere. That sounds good, right? Someday soon we will all kick back and laugh when we remember everything we put up with all these years. Until then, keep the home fires burning and promise me you’ll try to enjoy your summer. I know I will, in my own mysterious way. And then when it starts to get cold, and all the leaves are brown, we’ll be back in England, and I’ll feel like Withnail once again, wearing big black boots in Regent’s Park, clinging dramatically to the Gloucester Gate. Everything will unfold from there, as it always has and always will. So yeah, we’re coming for you, Europe. All our tour dates in the UK and Europe are below.


Steady on Pagans. Steady on.


xo emily



07-10-2015   Bristol UK Bristol Academy
08-10-2015 Birmingham UK Birmingham Institute
09-10-2015 Manchester UK Manchester Ritz
11-10-2015 Glasgow UK ABC Glasgow
12-10-2015 Oxford UK Oxford Academy
14-10-2015 London UK The Forum
15-10-2015 Paris FR Bataclan
17-10-2015 Munich DE Theaterfabrik
19-10-2015 Hamburg DE Grobe Freiheit 36
20-10-2015 Amsterdam NL Paradiso
21-10-2015 Berlin DE Huxleys
22-10-2015 Frankfurt DE Batschkapp
23-10-2015 Cologne DE Kantine