Fun & Far Flung

Wednesday June 1, 2016

Oh hi everybody! This is a quick dispatch just sayin’ hello with a few words dedicated right off the top to our people in Detroit.


We were bummed to have missed you on our headlining “I Can See The End” U.S. tour earlier this year, and I haven’t forgotten that I personally promised that we would find a way to get there and make it up to you. So as you can imagine I am very pleased to be able to say, yes this is happening and yes here it is!


We’re playing the Fillmore Sep 25th and it’s true we do love that room. This is an advance heads up letting you know that TODAY only you can get your pre-sale tickets here, after that they are fair game to the general public. So, yeah. There’s that! With any luck, I’ll be able to turn it into a road trip to Flint and Vassar for a visit with all the family on my dad’s side who’ve been holding it down in those parts for decades.


In other news, I’ve been laying low, traveling, playing the piano, planting seeds, panicking about the state of the world…you know, my usual off-time dreamy pursuits. I’ll be coming out of hiding to play some hand-picked festivals this summer, the height of which may well be the official Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill! It’s bound to be one for the books and I’ll be sure to send your fond regards to the main man at the top. Here’s our curated summer of weekends in fun & far flung places.


Your faithful bard,

Xo emily


P.S Our very own Lauren Graham was nominated for the Best Rock/Alternative Video MMVA for her video for “The Shade.” There are so many amazing moments in this visual homage to our hyper-looped gif brains. If you haven’t seen it yet, voila! We’re rooting for you Lauren!


Writing to you from Berlin on an early Spring day

Wednesday April 20, 2016

no artist tolerates reality


Writing to you from Berlin on an early Spring day. Every tree and every flower is about to burst into bloom.


It’s only been a couple weeks since we finished our North American headlining tour but emotionally I’m worlds away. It’s not a choice, it’s a matter of functional necessity. Getting off the road and adapting to daily life can be really disorienting. It’s best to get over it quickly by doing 5000 loads of laundry and paying 5000 bills and shoveling 5000 feet of April snow and just generally compensating for the lack of external activity with an unparalleled commitment to domesticity. To quote the great Paul Haines poem…. In its own momentous way/ An uneventful day.


The show we created with our crew for the “I Can See The End” and “Lights on The Horizon” tours took us to another level. For the first time in my life I didn’t want the tour to end. Instead of coming home exhausted, I came home energized. It was so fucking weird. I felt like what we built together with the audience was strong enough to withstand 100 years on Broadway, which roughly translates to 3 months in Vegas. (Take your pick, I’m on the fence).


There’s so much to be legitimately bummed out about at any given moment, but waking up in the “morning” knowing I was going to be playing this show for our fans every night? It restored a lot of the basic joy I feared had faded from my life forever. That creeping feeling of everything diminishing, that sensation that’s the opposite of learning to ride a bicycle, (FYI it’s a skill that’s supposed to stay with you forever), that draining feeling had latched onto me of late and I feared it was never going to subside. To quote the great Leonard Cohen poem….And thanks/ For the trouble you took from her eyes/ I thought it was there for good/ So I never tried.


With the help of, the band donated $1 from every ticket sold on these tours to in the US and to The David Suzuki Foundation in Canada. Plus 1 was founded by our neighbours in Arcade Fire. Regine shouted us out at the Junos in her Humanitarian Award acceptance speech and I’m told she broke through in her message to the perhaps boozy and potentially inattentive awards show crowd. Bravo Regine! Our tour raised over $80K in support of these essential environmental organizations who are committed to promoting divestment from fossil fuels and leaving what’s left of the plague in the ground. And even though we’re told every day that nothing we do will ever be enough, we have to remember that something is not nothing. So I feel really good about this and I hope more bands will sign on.


Want to know some other reasons why I came home from tour feeling fantastic instead of hollow? Well, for one, we shared the stage with bands we respect and got to hear them play their hearts out every night. We sold more tickets than ever, despite the fact that this is technically not our moment. We freed ourselves of the assembly line meet & greet formula and created a VIP experience that started out as a backstage sing-a-long and ended up becoming a chance to be part of an on-stage choir with the band. Also, I found out there are a considerable number of people in the world who have tattooed my lyrics onto their bodies. This made me feel “important” and a little bit guilty. We were given hand-written letters describing in intricate detail the ways our music has woven through peoples’ lives. A guy proposed to his boyfriend backstage and we all stood in a circle around them singing “Dreams So Real” acoustic as they kissed. I could go on, but I won’t, because sometimes it’s good to be selfish with your memories in this age of branded over-sharing.


I love Berlin so I think I’m going to stay here for a while. I love Toronto in a different way and it’ll be great to come back and play Wayhome Festival. We’re on right before LCD. It’s gonna be so fun, all our brains are gonna maybe pop. I’m told that Tier 2 General Admission tickets are sold out, but there’s a special exclusive ticket deal in place for Metric fans, (and by extension any voyeuristic trolls receiving this newsletter.) Get your Tier 2 tickets here until Friday.


See you in the mix of sun and clouds!


Your faithful bard,
Xo emily

Letter to you

Thursday February 18, 2016

Greetings from the open road! Our headlining tour of the US & Canada started with an emotional sold-out show in Chicago, past and future colliding. Off we go!


I remember playing Chicago years ago, when our tiny backstage was crowded with people we’d just met, and we crashed on strangers’ couches, and we bathed homelessly in the basement of the Empty Bottle.


Since then we’ve seen some higher highs in that town, playing to tens of thousands of people at Lollapalooza and Riotfest and recording at Steve Albini’s legendary studio. Looking waaaaay back, I’m reminded of the good that went with the bad.


I don’t miss living in a van, eating in gas stations or cramming our gear onto miniature stages. But I do miss other things.


I miss the days when there was no metal barricade. I miss the way the bands’ unhinged intensity was matched by the wild energy of the small, rowdy audience. I miss jumping off speaker stacks and crowd surfing (but not enough to take it up again…yet.)


One way we’ve found to bring back some of the closeness we’ve lost from our romanticized club show days is to introduce our own tweaked version of a VIP meet & greet. We’re offering upgraded tickets to people who want to come backstage for a drink, hang out in our band room and join us in a few of our favorite pre-show rituals before we walk on stage.


There are only a limited number of these tickets available in each city, and it’s a really fun experience, full of surprises, so if it’s something you wanna do, hurry up and get your upgrade by clicking on VIP PASSES below:


Image Map

Image Map



We are donating $1 from every ticket to via our pals at Plus 1! Divest, baby. Divest!


This just in: Brooklyn band Leisure Cruise has just been added to our Canadian “Lights on the Horizon” tour! If you haven’t heard them yet, you can watch the video for their song “Crime Tip.”


In other news, our very own Joshua Winstead has completed his first solo album! It’s called MMXX and is scheduled for an early summer release. You can hear his stunning debut single “One Heart” right now at



Josh’s first solo show in NYC will be at 8:30 pm on March 12th at the Rockwood Music Hall. Tickets are $15 and you can get yours here.


We’re playing Hammerstein Ballroom the night before, so it’s shaping up to be a very special weekend for everyone in the Metric family. NYC is where it all began for the four of us back in 2001. Let the time traveling begin.


Your faithful bard,
Xo emily


P.S. Forgot to mention, we got a Juno nomination for Group of the Year! I think it’s amazing for our home country to acknowledge us in this pop-monopolized musical climate. We may not top the charts every time, but it feels like we’ve earned the respect of our peers through sheer endurance. What’s up, Rush? And Liam O’Neil got nominated for Best Engineer on Pagans in Vegas, too! Fingers crossed, forever.

Lights On The Horizon

Tuesday December 8, 2015

image1 (5)

Writing to you from an airplane flying over the incredible landscape we call the province of Alberta, Canada. Watch the film version of Naomi Klein’s book, This Changes Everything, and you will never take for granted those patches of wilderness we used to call nowhere again.


I’ve been in a bit of a strange mood these past few days. There are so many legitimate reasons to feel weird, I can’t seem to settle on just one.


So, for our mutual entertainment, here are 10:


1. I read other people’s opinions on everything, feel vindicated by those that most resemble my own, find some kind of voyeuristic solace in an online stranger’s substitute for what I might say if I were more present in the world outside of my songs, then move on to something else, deeply unsatisfied and vaguely jealous.


2. I consume entire seasons of clever TV shows like Black Mirror, Mr. Robot (and lately for some reason most passionately South Park !?) in mammoth single serving portions, as though it were a competitive sport and l deserve a medal for it.


3. I’m reminded how crucial it is for someone who is a “public figure” like myself to constantly monitor/attempt to manipulate what people might think of me personally and professionally, but keep forgetting to care. Then I remember oh yeah I am not a boring brand and it’s awesome.


4. I keep an open mind about a hashtag being able to achieve something really important in the world and put all justified cynicism aside.


5. I give up completely on ever being able to open a window in a hotel room again, as there seems to have been some worldwide decree that all hotel windows everywhere must forever-more be nailed shut for fear of something terrible happening, and nobody at the front desk seems to be quite sure what.


6. I read the headline, “Gun Sales Soar In Familiar Pattern Of Panic And Profit.”


7. I encounter/experience something fantastic/relevant/uplifting that I know people would like to see, spend a considerable amount of time photographing and captioning it perfectly, and then 100% selfishly refuse to post it as though this were a truly heroic act of rebellion against the sickening sense that everything beautiful we want to contribute to people’s lives with our music is becoming indistinguishable from a meaningless quest for attention in our doomed march to the end of privacy.


8. I play shows and it makes me happy and the people in the audience fucking rule and I feel really lucky doing what I do and just like pumped in general. Then backstage I reflect on 2015 and the release of Pagans in Vegas. Our choices this year confused some people, most notably us, and I decide calmly that I’m cool with that. Remember: We were never aiming for predictable.


9. I watch the ways monopolies function to destroy and thrive and I marvel at my own ability to still participate in the world economy on what feels to me these days to be such a minute scale. Picture a micro-organism in a shrinking pond or some such imagery.


10. I get on a plane and hear the sound of every passenger crumpling their very tiny plastic cups at once before cramming them into their seat back pockets, and I find myself inspired to write this letter to you.


So, yeah. Hi!


In other more official news, let me be the first to excitedly tell you that pre-sale tickets are available as of 10AM your time for our upcoming “Lights On The Horizon” Tour!!!

MetricDCFC_LOTH_revised for web

We’re beyond thrilled to share our stadium love with Death Cab For Cutie and sincerely hope you will join us for this very special musical experience. More juicy details to come.


Your devoted bard,

xo emily

Letter to you

Tuesday November 17, 2015

I’m writing to you from Mexico City on our way to Tulsa as The Topaz Tour takes us North to Oklahoma and Texas and someday home. Our fans here in Mexico have left us feeling recharged with their outpouring of love & serious energy. The connection between us has always been strong, but our appreciation for a peaceful gathering of strangers was at this time on earth especially pronounced.


As you read this, we are headed into floods and tornado warnings, so who knows what tomorrow may bring! In the meantime, I’m here to announce our 2016 US tour & show you this dreamy video for “The Governess.”


We took a different approach to making this video than any other one we’ve made. Because this song is so personal to me and is one that I wrote on guitar while off on a solitary journey, I felt that the video should express the feeling of searching in isolation that I experienced at the time. To me, the sound and the lyrics of the song evoke a morally bereft individual shocked into consciousness by a particularly desolate and damaged landscape: “When there was a wilderness, we wandered wild and free. Guilt, she is the governess, that guides me back to grieve. What if we were dumb enough to spend eternity, gathering the garbage washed up on the beach?


When I noticed a precious day off in Las Vegas in Metric’s touring schedule, I saw an opportunity to capture not just the imagery for “The Governess” music video but also much of the mood and meaning behind our entire album, Pagans in Vegas. I wanted the video to be documentary-style, unscripted, off-the-cuff and raw, and even more than that I wanted an excuse to make my own pilgrimage through the desert and into the old city. So I put together a proper skeleton crew of two – director Lauren Graham and makeup artist Misty Fox – and the next thing I knew I was sweating to the point of hallucinating in a desert mining town from the 1860s with none other than the location scout from Terminator, Joe Liuzzi, as my spiritual guide. “Of all the good and all the stupid shit I’ve done, the worst was all for me, not hurting anyone.

image1 (3)

Director Lauren Graham, Me & My Guitar, Makeup Artist Misty Fox

So, there’s that! And, up next, here’s this:


Pre-sale tickets are available starting at 7AM ESTtoday at, and then tickets for the general public will go on sale Fri Nov 20 at 10AM. We’re partnering with Plus 1 and on this tour too because they rule and we want them to exist.


So yeah, just keep going strong with whatever it is that’s compelling you on. And when in doubt, dial 1-844-66METRIC and we’ll do our best to sort you out.




Just around the corner

Thursday September 24, 2015

Last pair of VIP wristbands to meet the band!

PS. You guys aren’t supposed to be lining up till 6PM! Skeedaddle!

PPS. Wristband wearers: meet Uncle Horsehead in front of the stage after the show.

PPPS. Remember that Uncle Horsehead will be livestreaming bits of the show in the Periscope app tonight! Follow @Metric!


Team player

Thursday September 24, 2015

How many jumping jacks can Uncle Horsehead do before you get here? Join him in his pre-show workout routine! Remember to take a picture and tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram when you find them! Next clue is on Instagram!

ALSO: wristband winners! Your instructions are to a) wear your wristbands and b) wait in front of the stage after the show.

AND ALSO: The wrong time was printed on some of the tickets for the show – doors are at 7PM, not 8PM.


Workin’ the Brick Works

Thursday September 24, 2015

No entry here, but VIP at the show later! (Please don’t actually go into the tunnel. Don’t do it.) Remember to take a picture and tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram when you find the golden envelope! Next clue is on Twitter!

ALSO: Wristband winners! Your instructions are: a) wear your wristbands and b) wait in front of the stage after the show. We will find you.

AND ALSO: The wrong time was printed on some of the tickets for the show – doors are at 7PM, not 8PM.




All mill for the grist

Wednesday September 23, 2015

Hästen over to see Uncle Horsehead before he whinnies home for the night! Remember to take a picture and tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram when you find them! Next clue is on Facebook bright and early tomorrow!!

ALSO: wristband winners! Your instructions are to a) wear your wristbands and b) wait in front of the stage after the show.

AND ALSO: The wrong time was printed on some of the tickets for the show – doors are at 7PM, not 8PM.


Sun & Sand

Wednesday September 23, 2015

Uncle Horsehead’s saving lives & working on his tan! Make sure to post a picture and tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram when you’ve found the VIP wristbands! Next clue coming on Instagram soon! ‪#‎pagansintoronto‬



Campus Life

Wednesday September 23, 2015

Students, Uncle Horsehead’s skipping his marketing class to meet you west of the field! Make sure to post a picture and tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram when you’ve found the VIP wristbands! Next clue coming on Twitter soon! ‪#‎pagansintoronto‬



Right side of the tracks

Tuesday September 22, 2015

Just so you know, Uncle Horsehead’s tag is AZONE, in signature lime green. Make sure to post a picture and tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram when you’ve found the VIP wristbands! That’s it for today – next clue will be posted on Facebook tomorrow. ‪#‎pagansintoronto‬

09.22-530PM-app-railpath-IMG_3378 09.22-530PM-app-azone-IMG_8114

Section 39

Tuesday September 22, 2015

No dogs allowed but Uncle Horsehead hoofed it up to the far north to stash this golden envelope! Make sure to post a picture and tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram when you’ve located your VIP wristbands! Next clue coming on Instagram in a little bit. ‪#‎pagansintoronto‬

09.22-3PM-app-prospect cem-IMG_3355

Gothic Revival

Tuesday September 22, 2015

Uncle Horsehead stopped for a sip at Hill House while hiding today’s first golden envelope! Make sure to post a picture and tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram when you’ve found the VIP wristbands! Next clue coming on Twitter soon! ‪#‎pagansintoronto‬




Monday September 21, 2015

Just got off work? There’s a golden envelope with the 3rd pair of VIP wristbands waiting for you! Make sure to post a picture and tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram when you’ve found them! Now Uncle Horsehead’s headed back to the barn for a rest, so no more clues till tomorrow afternoon. ‪#‎pagansintoronto‬ #pandemonium


Exhibit M

Monday September 21, 2015

Here’s the second pair of VIP wristbands! Look for the golden envelope! Make sure to post a picture and tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram when you’ve found them! Next clue coming in a few hours. ‪#‎pagansintoronto‬

09.21-3PM-gold-Lake Shore-IMG_6174

See you on Emily Street

Monday September 21, 2015

Here’s the first pair of VIP wristbands! Look for the golden envelope! Make sure to post a picture and tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram when you’ve found them! Next clue coming in a few hours. ‪#‎pagansintoronto‬

09.21-1230-app-Emily St-IMG_7728

Toronto: let the hunt begin!

Monday September 21, 2015


Our show at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto this Thursday sold out instantly this morning and we’ve already received a bunch of voicemails on the hotline (1-844-66METRIC) asking for clues as to how to still get in. If you didn’t snag a ticket, fear not! We’ve cooked up some adventurous ways for you to scavenge yourself free entry:


I. Wear an animal mask to the show on Thursday. We’ll have 100 tickets set aside for you, more details to come.


II. Over the next 4 days, our friendly neighbour Uncle Horsehead will be hiding dozens of pairs of tickets throughout the city, focussing on a different area each day from now through Thursday.


For photographic clues as to where Uncle Horsehead has hidden the tickets, keep your eye on the Pagan Portal and follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. See the map above to find out which day the tickets will be hidden in your general area.


Hot Tip: At least half of all the clues will be posted here, in the Portal. These extra-special clues will lead you to the somewhat fancy golden envelopes. Inside are VIP wristbands that also include meeting us at the show. Yessss.


The first clues will be posted at 12:30 so stay tuned!


III. For those of you stuck at work or in class, keep an eye on socials this week anyway, because we’ll be giving away a few tickets online! #PagansinToronto #Pandemonium


And remember – the people wearing the best masks at the show will be invited to come backstage and meet the band!


Good luck out there, and we’ll see you oh-so-soon,


With Eternal Love,

Letter to You

Friday September 18, 2015



Sept 18, 2015


Greetings from Toronto, the place I call home but rarely get to be. The kind of place where the local grocer sends you a thoughtful tweet to let you know you forgot your tomatoes, the florist compliments your slim silhouette, and your local barkeep gives no fucks how famous you were, are, or will never become. Thanks mom & dad for bringing this baby to Canada in the now and forever sepia nineteen seventies.


I’m writing to you at the stroke of midnight on the Pagans in Vegas album release day. I feel like I just swallowed two packs of watermelon bubblegum and have to deliver a valedictory address in the high school gym. So to all the spitballers in the back of the class and to all the boys that showed me how much they liked me by putting dead spiders in my pencil case and snapping the back of my bra (smiley face emoticon), I want to say just this: Try putting something out there of yourself. Switch sides. Instead of being someone who treats everything anyone creates as though it were a sandwich requiring a Yelp review from you, try sometime making something – anything! – of yourself. Pour your whole heart and the modest contents of your bank account into it. Include other people in your passion, and feel the weight of hoping you won’t fail being instantly and exponentially compounded in direct proportion to their commitment to you. Your heart will race, you’ll trip ballz upon ballz, you’ll lose repeatedly and not really notice because you are so focussed on making your masterpiece, whatever that may mean to you. Repeat this process for 15 years and I promise you, you will love the life you built for yourself as much as I love mine. And you will never again feel compelled to type into the global ether, “emully u r worst ugly go sux metric die.” Not because you evolved into a higher consciousness, but because darling you simply won’t have the time!


Speaking of which, I really should be packing, doing laundry and sleeping instead of writing this letter to you. We’re flying to Atlanta in the morning to play Piedmont Park, then back to Toronto to continue our production rehearsals at the Danforth Music Hall. On the last day of our rehearsals – Thurs Sept 24 – we’re gonna play a — SURPRISE!! — show there for the home town die hard loved ones. Tix are a cheap $20 and we’re setting aside some free VIP spots for fans who connect with us through (our free app) the Pagan Portal and some outside contests too. Or, if you prefer, just be one of the first 100 people to show up at the venue on the night wearing an animal mask and we’ll let you in for nothing, because you’re bananas. And we admire that.


I’m confident Thursday night is gonna go off and after that it’s the Life is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas on Sept 28 and our Pagans Across the Pond UK/Europe tour in October where I suspect I will spend all my time feeling like an idiot abroad playing music in clubs while refugees made homeless by our wars seek basic existence for their families. So, yeah, that will happen too, followed by the Topaz Tour in November which takes us through Mexico and the Southern US. Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll cross paths with some Presidential Hopefuls and their convoluted crusade! In the midst of all this we’ll be announcing our headlining North American tour so stay tuned and never fear, soon we are going to bring this makeshift parade to your town and rock that rabbit mask right off your sweaty happy face.


I hope the music we made gives you something you can use.


I’m up for whatever may come my way from all of this.


Your devoted bard,


emily xo


P.S. Pagans in Vegas will no longer be streaming in full in the Pagan Portal as of today but keep the app (or get it now if you don’t already have it.) More first listens & first looks are on the way. And remember, if you’re lost just call 1-844-66-METRIC. Leave a message and we’ll sort you out.



Letter to You

Friday September 4, 2015

FullSizeRender (1)


Letter To You,


Greetings from London, one of the many long-lost and ever-present places I still somehow feel at home. I’m writing to you from the Chiltern Firehouse, looking out over the rooftops in the rain. Jimmy and I are here doing press in advance of the official release of Pagans in Vegas on Sept 18 and our UK/ European tour in October. It’s been interesting to get some preliminary reactions to the new music from a UK perspective. The album is loaded with loving references to some of our favorite music from the past – Depeche Mode, The Cure, Joy Division, New Order- all of which are British. We’ve had a couple great conversations in pubs already about how ill-fitting the broad term EDM is for music like ours, how meaningless it is, much as the moniker indie-rock became meaningless to the point that no one was sure whether it was an ethos or a business model or a guitar tone. So yeah our time here so far has me feeling optimistic that we can be part of the next wave of electronic music, one that is connected to the greats of the past and not created in a vacuum that ignores the legacy of everyone that came before. Songs with soul and spirit. Kraftwerk forever and ever amen.


Lots of people here have been asking us about the Pagan Portal, the app we created as a quiet little private room away from all the noise of the web that we built so you guys can hear the new music first. We are so happy to have carved out this little hideout! And today we decided to unlock the whole album for you to hear before the rest of the world gets their claws into it. If we could, we would invite you all into our studio to listen with us, so this is the next best thing.


In honour of this special moment between us, I’d like to tell you what each of these songs mean to me, the secret things I would whisper to you if we were listening back to it in the same room together, really loud and late at night. So turn it on and turn it up!


Here we go.


Introducing….Pagans in Vegas!!!!!


1. Lie Lie Lie – I think this is something I have wanted to say for a long time, I just didn’t know how. I feel a great weight off my shoulders now that I have this song as part of my arsenal. This one is dedicated to everyone who remembers me from the Live it Out days.


2. Fortunes – Lyrically this one is so close to my heart, it’s hard for me to say anything more than what I’ve already said in the song. I sang my guts out. The feeling I get when the synths kick in at the end– I have no words for that.


3. The Shade – I wrote and sang this song at Oscilloscope Labs in NY in one day. When you feel yourself becoming a coward, the best thing to do is force yourself to get out of bed and be willing to feel everything, including rejection and confusion, all over again. Bring it on haters.


4. Celebrate – Stop acting like you have all the time in the world. Don’t presume there is always going to be something better in the future waiting for you that beats this very moment that you have in front of you. There are people literally dying to have access to the life you’ve been given. Celebrate. Now. This is it.


5. Cascades – I want the words I wrote to come through for you as much as the track does, the lyrics and the music one and the same, my voice completely submerged and fused together with the sound. I want this to be the kind of song that acts as a friend to you and gets you back on track when you fear you are losing your way. I want you to be transported by cascading waves of emotion and I want you to dance.


6. For Kicks – Consequences, people. It’s all what it ain’t, and no matter what I achieve it seems all I can see is everything I haven’t done right. I told myself, if I had the wealth I could buy my way out of everything. Smoke machines and huge pink bubbles.


7. Too Bad, So Sad – Your problems are not problems.


8. Other Side – Like you, I love it when Jimmy sings. More duets like this to come.


9. Blind Valentine – When you’re absolutely killing it in one part of your life, why does it always seem that you’re ruining it in another?


10. The Governess – We’re obsessed with youth, but do we really want to live so long that we have to witness the state of the earth at the end of the century? We’re nostalgic for the 60s and 70s, but so many things are immeasurably better now than they were then.


11. The Face Part I – The only words we say in this song are “All We Are”. I like the idea that this is a song with no face and no narrative, just the sound and the beat.


12. The Face Part II – Jimmy wrote this beautiful piece on one exceptional instrument- the CS80- and played it in one take that cannot be replicated. We leave you softly with this pagan hymn.


Ahhhhhh…..There you have it!


This album is a gift, a burden, a time capsule, an escape, an alarm, a question and a call with no answer, leave a message at the tone. By the way, if you haven’t already, this is the perfect time to call 1-844-66METRIC, sit back and take a journey backwards with us into the future of music. Seriously, pick up the phone and call right now. Trust me, it’s a trip and you’ll love it. Things will start to make sense.


The whole world may be becoming more and more like Vegas – a global economic casino that never rests day or night, a deafening and chaotic place where the lights are always on too bright and everyone is frantic to win at any cost- but here we still are, pagans at heart. Thanks for being there with us.



emily xo

Pagan Time Capsule

Friday August 21, 2015

Worried in the future you’ll have nothing to show for the past? Never fear, the Pagan Time Capsule is here! It’s available now but not forever. You need this.



Wednesday July 15, 2015

Oh hi, how’s your summer been going?

Ours has been hot and happy, spent for the most part on highways with 40 or so shows in between. Serious Enormodome Love at this point. As you can imagine, there have been many, many Spinal Tap getting-lost-on-the-way-to-the-stage moments. Like, too many. It’s fun and strange and sometimes scary normal out here. Looking forward to our headlining shows in the fall and seeing some familiar faces we’ve missed.

Vaguely emotional touring reports aside, I want to welcome you to the Pagan Portal!

The idea for this app came from feeling like we wanted to have more freedom in how & when we release our songs, videos, concert tickets, guest list spots, artwork & general vibes. Because in my opinion, not everything is for everyone all the time. There are some people who are very dear to us that deserve special attention.

Take, for example, you. You are reading this dispatch which I hastily composed in the coffin-like darkness of my tour bus bunk whilst driving out of a thunderstorm in Atlanta en route to New Orleans. And it is you who should be hearing our new music first, before it is added to the worldwide entertainment heap for general consumption. Hence the Pagan Portal.

At the moment, the Portal is all about Pagans in Vegas. Unreleased songs from the album will be unlocked here before they are available anywhere else. And then going forward, you’ll get first listen to new music, advance access to pre-sale tickets and other exclusive surprises/excellent stuff we haven’t dreamed up yet. This is just the beginning.

This is a dedicated passageway built by dedicated musicians (that’s us) for our dedicated listeners (that’s you.)

Next up: Recording in New Orleans with a local brass quintet, keep your eye on the Portal for more…

No! Sleep! Till Boise!

xo emily

Sightseeing in Subterranea!

Wednesday July 8, 2015



Wow, ever feel like you’ve been so immersed in work that it’s like you’re some kind of weird animal that lives in the dark in an unmarked underground tunnel? Yeah, neither have we! ha ha. What the hell guys? Last I checked life is an adventure so please don’t say you’ve buried your head in the sand. Unless it’s pristine white sand on a tropical beach somewhere. That sounds good, right? Someday soon we will all kick back and laugh when we remember everything we put up with all these years. Until then, keep the home fires burning and promise me you’ll try to enjoy your summer. I know I will, in my own mysterious way. And then when it starts to get cold, and all the leaves are brown, we’ll be back in England, and I’ll feel like Withnail once again, wearing big black boots in Regent’s Park, clinging dramatically to the Gloucester Gate. Everything will unfold from there, as it always has and always will. So yeah, we’re coming for you, Europe. All our tour dates in the UK and Europe are below.


Steady on Pagans. Steady on.


xo emily



07-10-2015   Bristol UK Bristol Academy
08-10-2015 Birmingham UK Birmingham Institute
09-10-2015 Manchester UK Manchester Ritz
11-10-2015 Glasgow UK ABC Glasgow
12-10-2015 Oxford UK Oxford Academy
14-10-2015 London UK The Forum
15-10-2015 Paris FR Bataclan
17-10-2015 Munich DE Theaterfabrik
19-10-2015 Hamburg DE Grobe Freiheit 36
20-10-2015 Amsterdam NL Paradiso
21-10-2015 Berlin DE Huxleys
22-10-2015 Frankfurt DE Batschkapp
23-10-2015 Cologne DE Kantine

Letter to You

Wednesday June 3, 2015


Letter to You,

Life is beautiful. The world is cruel. Music still matters. I have personally wrestled with these truths as a musician for 15 years now. So here’s a new one for you: What is there to want that’s worth wanting?

The answer is to want everything, because there is no material equivalent to the feeling we seek. I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, I want it all. If you haven’t already bought your own copy of “The Shade” by now (!) you have probably heard me singing this refrain on the radio. But make no mistake, this is no ode to greed. Think about it. I have literally dedicated my entire life to vibrating the hairs in your ears. This mission still means everything to me even though poof! it can disappear in an instant, if it ever even existed at all. The only things worth wanting, that you can ever truly own, are your own experiences, your actions, your friendships, your own story.

Look at what remains of the “music industry.” It’s a land populated by two kinds of people: those who are driven by an immeasurable capacity for love that is also a source of seemingly endless energy, the original fountain of youth…and everybody else. Obviously our camp resides in the first category, somewhat embarrassingly. After all the action we’ve seen, we should really just be hardened professionals by now instead. And yet our dedication to the music and our tribe seems to exponentially expand with a diminishing regard for any of the practical rewards and accolades you’d think would motivate us to succeed.

We’re too far in to cash out. And too far out to cash in.

All that seems to matter to us is that we have you, whoever you are, and you have us, whoever we are. As of today, we are six albums deep with no sign of stopping, so it looks like we’re in this together. We’ll soundtrack the highs and lows of your life, and in turn you’ll be there with us at the shows, in the elegant theatres and in the weird parking lots of the world, braving the crowds at venues named after banks and fast food conglomerates. Because, hey kids, guess what? It’s worth it.

To quote Jimmy: Pagans in Vegas is about people with a conscience, for better or worse, playing around in the arena of unconscionable behavior. And all we want is to feel like all we got didn’t cost us everything, even if we never win.

You can pre-order Pagans in Vegas today, so by all means please do. The album officially comes out September 18, 2015, but you can download my fave track “Cascades” today if you pre-order, which I highly recommend for many reasons. All the details are at your good old local corner store We also made an autographed, limited edition EP that’s available now on cassette, you can get it from us directly at our website and at shows while supplies last.

Kicking off the Smoke & Mirrors tour in Portland tomorrow, beyond excited. Until we meet again… Just keep going strong with whatever it is that’s compelling you on.


P.S Here’s a sneak peek at the band’s new look. We’ve all had some work done, obv. Still in the game, man. Still in the game.

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