July 15th, 2015

Oh hi, how’s your summer been going?

Ours has been hot and happy, spent for the most part on highways with 40 or so shows in between. Serious Enormodome Love at this point. As you can imagine, there have been many, many Spinal Tap getting-lost-on-the-way-to-the-stage moments. Like, too many. It’s fun and strange and sometimes scary normal out here. Looking forward to our headlining shows in the fall and seeing some familiar faces we’ve missed.

Vaguely emotional touring reports aside, I want to welcome you to the Pagan Portal!

The idea for this app came from feeling like we wanted to have more freedom in how & when we release our songs, videos, concert tickets, guest list spots, artwork & general vibes. Because in my opinion, not everything is for everyone all the time. There are some people who are very dear to us that deserve special attention.

Take, for example, you. You are reading this dispatch which I hastily composed in the coffin-like darkness of my tour bus bunk whilst driving out of a thunderstorm in Atlanta en route to New Orleans. And it is you who should be hearing our new music first, before it is added to the worldwide entertainment heap for general consumption. Hence the Pagan Portal.

At the moment, the Portal is all about Pagans in Vegas. Unreleased songs from the album will be unlocked here before they are available anywhere else. And then going forward, you’ll get first listen to new music, advance access to pre-sale tickets and other exclusive surprises/excellent stuff we haven’t dreamed up yet. This is just the beginning.

This is a dedicated passageway built by dedicated musicians (that’s us) for our dedicated listeners (that’s you.)

Next up: Recording in New Orleans with a local brass quintet, keep your eye on the Portal for more…

No! Sleep! Till Boise!

xo emily