Letter to you

Letter to you

November 17th, 2015

I’m writing to you from Mexico City on our way to Tulsa as The Topaz Tour takes us North to Oklahoma and Texas and someday home. Our fans here in Mexico have left us feeling recharged with their outpouring of love & serious energy. The connection between us has always been strong, but our appreciation for a peaceful gathering of strangers was at this time on earth especially pronounced.


As you read this, we are headed into floods and tornado warnings, so who knows what tomorrow may bring! In the meantime, I’m here to announce our 2016 US tour & show you this dreamy video for “The Governess.”


We took a different approach to making this video than any other one we’ve made. Because this song is so personal to me and is one that I wrote on guitar while off on a solitary journey, I felt that the video should express the feeling of searching in isolation that I experienced at the time. To me, the sound and the lyrics of the song evoke a morally bereft individual shocked into consciousness by a particularly desolate and damaged landscape: “When there was a wilderness, we wandered wild and free. Guilt, she is the governess, that guides me back to grieve. What if we were dumb enough to spend eternity, gathering the garbage washed up on the beach?


When I noticed a precious day off in Las Vegas in Metric’s touring schedule, I saw an opportunity to capture not just the imagery for “The Governess” music video but also much of the mood and meaning behind our entire album, Pagans in Vegas. I wanted the video to be documentary-style, unscripted, off-the-cuff and raw, and even more than that I wanted an excuse to make my own pilgrimage through the desert and into the old city. So I put together a proper skeleton crew of two – director Lauren Graham and makeup artist Misty Fox – and the next thing I knew I was sweating to the point of hallucinating in a desert mining town from the 1860s with none other than the location scout from Terminator, Joe Liuzzi, as my spiritual guide. “Of all the good and all the stupid shit I’ve done, the worst was all for me, not hurting anyone.

image1 (3)

Director Lauren Graham, Me & My Guitar, Makeup Artist Misty Fox

So, there’s that! And, up next, here’s this:


Pre-sale tickets are available starting at 7AM ESTtoday at www.ilovemetric.com/presale-tickets, and then tickets for the general public will go on sale Fri Nov 20 at 10AM. We’re partnering with Plus 1 and 350.org on this tour too because they rule and we want them to exist.


So yeah, just keep going strong with whatever it is that’s compelling you on. And when in doubt, dial 1-844-66METRIC and we’ll do our best to sort you out.