Letter to You

Letter to You

September 18th, 2015



Sept 18, 2015


Greetings from Toronto, the place I call home but rarely get to be. The kind of place where the local grocer sends you a thoughtful tweet to let you know you forgot your tomatoes, the florist compliments your slim silhouette, and your local barkeep gives no fucks how famous you were, are, or will never become. Thanks mom & dad for bringing this baby to Canada in the now and forever sepia nineteen seventies.


I’m writing to you at the stroke of midnight on the Pagans in Vegas album release day. I feel like I just swallowed two packs of watermelon bubblegum and have to deliver a valedictory address in the high school gym. So to all the spitballers in the back of the class and to all the boys that showed me how much they liked me by putting dead spiders in my pencil case and snapping the back of my bra (smiley face emoticon), I want to say just this: Try putting something out there of yourself. Switch sides. Instead of being someone who treats everything anyone creates as though it were a sandwich requiring a Yelp review from you, try sometime making something – anything! – of yourself. Pour your whole heart and the modest contents of your bank account into it. Include other people in your passion, and feel the weight of hoping you won’t fail being instantly and exponentially compounded in direct proportion to their commitment to you. Your heart will race, you’ll trip ballz upon ballz, you’ll lose repeatedly and not really notice because you are so focussed on making your masterpiece, whatever that may mean to you. Repeat this process for 15 years and I promise you, you will love the life you built for yourself as much as I love mine. And you will never again feel compelled to type into the global ether, “emully u r worst ugly go sux metric die.” Not because you evolved into a higher consciousness, but because darling you simply won’t have the time!


Speaking of which, I really should be packing, doing laundry and sleeping instead of writing this letter to you. We’re flying to Atlanta in the morning to play Piedmont Park, then back to Toronto to continue our production rehearsals at the Danforth Music Hall. On the last day of our rehearsals – Thurs Sept 24 – we’re gonna play a — SURPRISE!! — show there for the home town die hard loved ones. Tix are a cheap $20 and we’re setting aside some free VIP spots for fans who connect with us through (our free app) the Pagan Portal and some outside contests too. Or, if you prefer, just be one of the first 100 people to show up at the venue on the night wearing an animal mask and we’ll let you in for nothing, because you’re bananas. And we admire that.


I’m confident Thursday night is gonna go off and after that it’s the Life is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas on Sept 28 and our Pagans Across the Pond UK/Europe tour in October where I suspect I will spend all my time feeling like an idiot abroad playing music in clubs while refugees made homeless by our wars seek basic existence for their families. So, yeah, that will happen too, followed by the Topaz Tour in November which takes us through Mexico and the Southern US. Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll cross paths with some Presidential Hopefuls and their convoluted crusade! In the midst of all this we’ll be announcing our headlining North American tour so stay tuned and never fear, soon we are going to bring this makeshift parade to your town and rock that rabbit mask right off your sweaty happy face.


I hope the music we made gives you something you can use.


I’m up for whatever may come my way from all of this.


Your devoted bard,


emily xo


P.S. Pagans in Vegas will no longer be streaming in full in the Pagan Portal as of today but keep the app (or get it now if you don’t already have it.) More first listens & first looks are on the way. And remember, if you’re lost just call 1-844-66-METRIC. Leave a message and we’ll sort you out.