Letter to You

Letter to You

September 4th, 2015

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Letter To You,


Greetings from London, one of the many long-lost and ever-present places I still somehow feel at home. I’m writing to you from the Chiltern Firehouse, looking out over the rooftops in the rain. Jimmy and I are here doing press in advance of the official release of Pagans in Vegas on Sept 18 and our UK/ European tour in October. It’s been interesting to get some preliminary reactions to the new music from a UK perspective. The album is loaded with loving references to some of our favorite music from the past – Depeche Mode, The Cure, Joy Division, New Order- all of which are British. We’ve had a couple great conversations in pubs already about how ill-fitting the broad term EDM is for music like ours, how meaningless it is, much as the moniker indie-rock became meaningless to the point that no one was sure whether it was an ethos or a business model or a guitar tone. So yeah our time here so far has me feeling optimistic that we can be part of the next wave of electronic music, one that is connected to the greats of the past and not created in a vacuum that ignores the legacy of everyone that came before. Songs with soul and spirit. Kraftwerk forever and ever amen.


Lots of people here have been asking us about the Pagan Portal, the app we created as a quiet little private room away from all the noise of the web that we built so you guys can hear the new music first. We are so happy to have carved out this little hideout! And today we decided to unlock the whole album for you to hear before the rest of the world gets their claws into it. If we could, we would invite you all into our studio to listen with us, so this is the next best thing.


In honour of this special moment between us, I’d like to tell you what each of these songs mean to me, the secret things I would whisper to you if we were listening back to it in the same room together, really loud and late at night. So turn it on and turn it up!


Here we go.


Introducing….Pagans in Vegas!!!!!


1. Lie Lie Lie – I think this is something I have wanted to say for a long time, I just didn’t know how. I feel a great weight off my shoulders now that I have this song as part of my arsenal. This one is dedicated to everyone who remembers me from the Live it Out days.


2. Fortunes – Lyrically this one is so close to my heart, it’s hard for me to say anything more than what I’ve already said in the song. I sang my guts out. The feeling I get when the synths kick in at the end– I have no words for that.


3. The Shade – I wrote and sang this song at Oscilloscope Labs in NY in one day. When you feel yourself becoming a coward, the best thing to do is force yourself to get out of bed and be willing to feel everything, including rejection and confusion, all over again. Bring it on haters.


4. Celebrate – Stop acting like you have all the time in the world. Don’t presume there is always going to be something better in the future waiting for you that beats this very moment that you have in front of you. There are people literally dying to have access to the life you’ve been given. Celebrate. Now. This is it.


5. Cascades – I want the words I wrote to come through for you as much as the track does, the lyrics and the music one and the same, my voice completely submerged and fused together with the sound. I want this to be the kind of song that acts as a friend to you and gets you back on track when you fear you are losing your way. I want you to be transported by cascading waves of emotion and I want you to dance.


6. For Kicks – Consequences, people. It’s all what it ain’t, and no matter what I achieve it seems all I can see is everything I haven’t done right. I told myself, if I had the wealth I could buy my way out of everything. Smoke machines and huge pink bubbles.


7. Too Bad, So Sad – Your problems are not problems.


8. Other Side – Like you, I love it when Jimmy sings. More duets like this to come.


9. Blind Valentine – When you’re absolutely killing it in one part of your life, why does it always seem that you’re ruining it in another?


10. The Governess – We’re obsessed with youth, but do we really want to live so long that we have to witness the state of the earth at the end of the century? We’re nostalgic for the 60s and 70s, but so many things are immeasurably better now than they were then.


11. The Face Part I – The only words we say in this song are “All We Are”. I like the idea that this is a song with no face and no narrative, just the sound and the beat.


12. The Face Part II – Jimmy wrote this beautiful piece on one exceptional instrument- the CS80- and played it in one take that cannot be replicated. We leave you softly with this pagan hymn.


Ahhhhhh…..There you have it!


This album is a gift, a burden, a time capsule, an escape, an alarm, a question and a call with no answer, leave a message at the tone. By the way, if you haven’t already, this is the perfect time to call 1-844-66METRIC, sit back and take a journey backwards with us into the future of music. Seriously, pick up the phone and call right now. Trust me, it’s a trip and you’ll love it. Things will start to make sense.


The whole world may be becoming more and more like Vegas – a global economic casino that never rests day or night, a deafening and chaotic place where the lights are always on too bright and everyone is frantic to win at any cost- but here we still are, pagans at heart. Thanks for being there with us.



emily xo