LIVE at the Funhouse

An Acoustic Recording Event
Nov 7, 14, 21 & 28

Be part of an intimate four-night event where we play and record your favorite Metric songs live and acoustic in the unique and unforgettable setting that is Toronto’s Funhouse.

Limited to 200 tickets per night.

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With each ticket, you can request the songs you want to hear and we’ll compile our setlists from your favorites. Each night will feature a different selection of songs. Each ticket also comes with an exclusive, limited-edition numbered vinyl of that night’s concert, plus other goodies.


Purchase a ticket and receive an exclusive vinyl from the performance to commemorate the experience.


The Funhouse is an immersive art maze and events venue brought to life by an incredible team of local artists from across Toronto. The experience took over a year and a half and about 100 people to build. Metric concert guests are encouraged to arrive early to explore the different multi-sensory environments inside the Funhouse art maze before the show begins in the Underwater Ballroom.



  • • Age-restricted to 19+
  • • Detailed event location and admission instructions will be sent by email along with instructions for set list requests.
  • • Admission will function via guest list accessible only under the name of the purchaser.
  • • Valid photo ID required. Tickets are non-transferable.
  • • If you buy more than 1 ticket, your guests must arrive with you. They cannot be admitted separately.
  • • Vinyl live recordings and other merchandise included with ticket purchase packages will ship simultaneously on or around March 31, 2020. Recordings must be edited, mixed, mastered and manufactured, which will take approximately 4 months.


Prior to the Metric concerts, The Funhouse will be offering a Haunted experience from Oct 9th to Nov 2nd.

This will be an art-forward, “art-creepy” walk-through experience. Tickets will be available online or can be purchased at the door (with a discount for guests in costume)

The Haunted experience back-story:

Once inhabited by a secret society, a ritual gone awry at the Funhouse has unleashed dark forces into the hotel, leaving it abandoned, save for a few unwanted guests… Visitors will be invited to explore the haunted rooms left behind by this mystical order, but beware the sinister surprises that await you there!