Fun & Far Flung

Fun & Far Flung

June 1st, 2016

Oh hi everybody! This is a quick dispatch just sayin’ hello with a few words dedicated right off the top to our people in Detroit.


We were bummed to have missed you on our headlining “I Can See The End” U.S. tour earlier this year, and I haven’t forgotten that I personally promised that we would find a way to get there and make it up to you. So as you can imagine I am very pleased to be able to say, yes this is happening and yes here it is!


We’re playing the Fillmore Sep 25th and it’s true we do love that room. This is an advance heads up letting you know that TODAY only you can get your pre-sale tickets here, after that they are fair game to the general public. So, yeah. There’s that! With any luck, I’ll be able to turn it into a road trip to Flint and Vassar for a visit with all the family on my dad’s side who’ve been holding it down in those parts for decades.


In other news, I’ve been laying low, traveling, playing the piano, planting seeds, panicking about the state of the world…you know, my usual off-time dreamy pursuits. I’ll be coming out of hiding to play some hand-picked festivals this summer, the height of which may well be the official Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill! It’s bound to be one for the books and I’ll be sure to send your fond regards to the main man at the top. Here’s our curated summer of weekends in fun & far flung places.


Your faithful bard,

Xo emily


P.S Our very own Lauren Graham was nominated for the Best Rock/Alternative Video MMVA for her video for “The Shade.” There are so many amazing moments in this visual homage to our hyper-looped gif brains. If you haven’t seen it yet, voila! We’re rooting for you Lauren!