Pagan Time Capsule

Friday August 21, 2015

Worried in the future you’ll have nothing to show for the past? Never fear, the Pagan Time Capsule is here! It’s available now but not forever. You need this.



Wednesday July 15, 2015

Oh hi, how’s your summer been going?

Ours has been hot and happy, spent for the most part on highways with 40 or so shows in between. Serious Enormodome Love at this point. As you can imagine, there have been many, many Spinal Tap getting-lost-on-the-way-to-the-stage moments. Like, too many. It’s fun and strange and sometimes scary normal out here. Looking forward to our headlining shows in the fall and seeing some familiar faces we’ve missed.

Vaguely emotional touring reports aside, I want to welcome you to the Pagan Portal!

The idea for this app came from feeling like we wanted to have more freedom in how & when we release our songs, videos, concert tickets, guest list spots, artwork & general vibes. Because in my opinion, not everything is for everyone all the time. There are some people who are very dear to us that deserve special attention.

Take, for example, you. You are reading this dispatch which I hastily composed in the coffin-like darkness of my tour bus bunk whilst driving out of a thunderstorm in Atlanta en route to New Orleans. And it is you who should be hearing our new music first, before it is added to the worldwide entertainment heap for general consumption. Hence the Pagan Portal.

At the moment, the Portal is all about Pagans in Vegas. Unreleased songs from the album will be unlocked here before they are available anywhere else. And then going forward, you’ll get first listen to new music, advance access to pre-sale tickets and other exclusive surprises/excellent stuff we haven’t dreamed up yet. This is just the beginning.

This is a dedicated passageway built by dedicated musicians (that’s us) for our dedicated listeners (that’s you.)

Next up: Recording in New Orleans with a local brass quintet, keep your eye on the Portal for more…

No! Sleep! Till Boise!

xo emily

Sightseeing in Subterranea!

Wednesday July 8, 2015



Wow, ever feel like you’ve been so immersed in work that it’s like you’re some kind of weird animal that lives in the dark in an unmarked underground tunnel? Yeah, neither have we! ha ha. What the hell guys? Last I checked life is an adventure so please don’t say you’ve buried your head in the sand. Unless it’s pristine white sand on a tropical beach somewhere. That sounds good, right? Someday soon we will all kick back and laugh when we remember everything we put up with all these years. Until then, keep the home fires burning and promise me you’ll try to enjoy your summer. I know I will, in my own mysterious way. And then when it starts to get cold, and all the leaves are brown, we’ll be back in England, and I’ll feel like Withnail once again, wearing big black boots in Regent’s Park, clinging dramatically to the Gloucester Gate. Everything will unfold from there, as it always has and always will. So yeah, we’re coming for you, Europe. All our tour dates in the UK and Europe are below.


Steady on Pagans. Steady on.


xo emily



07-10-2015   Bristol UK Bristol Academy
08-10-2015 Birmingham UK Birmingham Institute
09-10-2015 Manchester UK Manchester Ritz
11-10-2015 Glasgow UK ABC Glasgow
12-10-2015 Oxford UK Oxford Academy
14-10-2015 London UK The Forum
15-10-2015 Paris FR Bataclan
17-10-2015 Munich DE Theaterfabrik
19-10-2015 Hamburg DE Grobe Freiheit 36
20-10-2015 Amsterdam NL Paradiso
21-10-2015 Berlin DE Huxleys
22-10-2015 Frankfurt DE Batschkapp
23-10-2015 Cologne DE Kantine

Letter to You

Wednesday June 3, 2015


Letter to You,

Life is beautiful. The world is cruel. Music still matters. I have personally wrestled with these truths as a musician for 15 years now. So here’s a new one for you: What is there to want that’s worth wanting?

The answer is to want everything, because there is no material equivalent to the feeling we seek. I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, I want it all. If you haven’t already bought your own copy of “The Shade” by now (!) you have probably heard me singing this refrain on the radio. But make no mistake, this is no ode to greed. Think about it. I have literally dedicated my entire life to vibrating the hairs in your ears. This mission still means everything to me even though poof! it can disappear in an instant, if it ever even existed at all. The only things worth wanting, that you can ever truly own, are your own experiences, your actions, your friendships, your own story.

Look at what remains of the “music industry.” It’s a land populated by two kinds of people: those who are driven by an immeasurable capacity for love that is also a source of seemingly endless energy, the original fountain of youth…and everybody else. Obviously our camp resides in the first category, somewhat embarrassingly. After all the action we’ve seen, we should really just be hardened professionals by now instead. And yet our dedication to the music and our tribe seems to exponentially expand with a diminishing regard for any of the practical rewards and accolades you’d think would motivate us to succeed.

We’re too far in to cash out. And too far out to cash in.

All that seems to matter to us is that we have you, whoever you are, and you have us, whoever we are. As of today, we are six albums deep with no sign of stopping, so it looks like we’re in this together. We’ll soundtrack the highs and lows of your life, and in turn you’ll be there with us at the shows, in the elegant theatres and in the weird parking lots of the world, braving the crowds at venues named after banks and fast food conglomerates. Because, hey kids, guess what? It’s worth it.

To quote Jimmy: Pagans in Vegas is about people with a conscience, for better or worse, playing around in the arena of unconscionable behavior. And all we want is to feel like all we got didn’t cost us everything, even if we never win.

You can pre-order Pagans in Vegas today, so by all means please do. The album officially comes out September 18, 2015, but you can download my fave track “Cascades” today if you pre-order, which I highly recommend for many reasons. All the details are at your good old local corner store We also made an autographed, limited edition EP that’s available now on cassette, you can get it from us directly at our website and at shows while supplies last.

Kicking off the Smoke & Mirrors tour in Portland tomorrow, beyond excited. Until we meet again… Just keep going strong with whatever it is that’s compelling you on.


P.S Here’s a sneak peek at the band’s new look. We’ve all had some work done, obv. Still in the game, man. Still in the game.

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